Sky's the Limit


The word, “motivation,” may be something many people often take for granted. Think back, how many times have you said that you wanted to do something that you never ended up doing? How many times have you turned that thought into an action, only to not complete that action?

It’s all right, this type of thing happens to everyone. But now, think about the reason the goal was not accomplished, be it small or little. Was there a hindrance from an external obstacle? Or was there a lack in motivation to achieve success in that goal?

For me, like most of us, I suffer from a lack of motivation in certain areas of my life. When I see what I am capable of in my mind, I let my fears deceive me. Allowing the mind to be consumed by the fears of our ego may cause our dreams to fall by the wayside.

Sky's the Limit

Sky’s the Limit

Sometimes I wonder, what if there was a definite solution for this problem? Like a soda machine, imagine an infinite source of motivation or inspiration that we could tap into any time we needed. Whenever we are feeling low, we could go to this place for a pick-me-up, a boost of motivation. Unfortunately, such an invention has not been created quite yet.

Early on, I didn’t know what it was exactly that I wanted to be in life. I learned that the one thing that does give me happiness and motivation is to help other people. If I can give one person a little extra motivation that will inspire them to do better in some way, that is satisfying to my soul. Hence, the purpose of this website will be to inspire and guide others in the journey to finding what makes them happy. In the journey to finding themselves, readers can look into the journey of an artist trying to reach success. Through hearing my story, I feel that users will be able to relate to my experiences and be able to find solace.