How the Arts Impacts Lives (Survey)

In Orange County, FL, over 8 billion dollars have been cut from the public schools budget since 2009. There are more budget cuts being planned for 2014. As art and music classes are always the first to go, these budget cuts have led to many students being left without any form of arts education in their school curriculum.  Orange County, FL has been fortunate to have at least one type of arts teacher, be it music or visual arts, in every school. This has been a result of the property tax increase that was implemented to resolve this issue of budget cuts affecting the school district.

Some counties like Orange County, FL have planned for budget cuts affecting their district. Children in other schools have been less fortunate. As some do not have the arts in their schools at all, some children are not receiving the benefits in their lives.

Practice of the arts is vitally important to the development of socioeconomic skills for a child. Children can learn many skills to help them transcend into adulthood, such as confidence, decision-making, focus, receiving constructive feedback, non-verbal communication, and creativity.

Please allow this survey to be a way to voice your opinion to talk about the arts in your life. Feel free to talk about your past arts experiences or even recent experiences. Do you remember any of the ways that art impacted your life as a child into adulthood? If you have children, have you seen any ways that the arts have affected them in their lives?

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2 thoughts on “How the Arts Impacts Lives (Survey)

  1. Althea Kirkland says:

    Art is real! Art is the world we live in! Life without art would be so dull!!!

  2. Glendolyn K. Matthews says:

    I hope that my answers were helpful. Best of luck with your project.

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