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Orlando Fringe Festival 2013

2013 Orlando Fringe Festival

The Orlando Fringe festival is a two week long cultural extravaganza with about 600 theatre, music and dance performances all held in Orlando’s beautiful Loch Haven Park, to document an amazing display of arts and music in the Orlando community, bringing the community together.

The best part about Orlando Fringe is 100% of the tickets sales goes directly towards the artist or performer. The 14-day festival even features a party right on the park with a wide variety food trucks serving anything you could ask for from Kettle corn to Greek food. Guests can even enjoy free live music with performances right on the lawn or on the stage.

Not only is the Orlando Fringe festival great for adults to have fun, but it is also a great place for families to come out and spend bonding time together. The expression of art is very important in a child’s life, as it may prevent them from getting into violence.

Harry Thomas, director of the Seattle Housing Authority said, “when children express themselves through dance or the power of their voices, they may no longer need a broken window, a can of spray paint or a gun to make their point,” according to How U.S. Communities are Using the Arts to Rescue Their Youth and Deter Crime.

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In Orlando’s Loch Haven Park, over 600 performances take place in the various surrounding museums in a 14-day festival  from May 15- May 28.

The Mennello Museum of American Art has children’s arts and activities on weekends while the festival unleashes the concept of “100% unjuried, 100% uncensored, 100% accessible theatre, music, dance, and art to all types and ages.” Not to mention that 100% of the profits goes towards the performing artist.

With almost any type of food to satisfy your liking, the park even features a food truck park and live music for everyone to come out and enjoy, even if you don’t make it to a show.

Fringe festivals were first started in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1947 and have now been a part of Orlando’s community for 22 years as a diverse celebration, bringing the community together.

Matthew "MTech" Bernard

Matt “MTech” Bernard: Raising the bar of music

At a young age Matthew Bernard stands as a promising producer and traveling musician, who has been fond of music since he was a child playing for the pure love of it, he has done more in his life than most can say.

Starting production at the age of twelve by recording with a two-track Casio keyboard and a vocal recorder, Bernard never stopped from there. Taking on the world and “never saying no,” he continues to create great music with a mature, creative mindset. Bernard also works with recording industry producer, Troy Taylor, who is also his musical mentor.

According to the average age of a musician at their peak is 24 years. That leaves little room for new musicians who did not start early on in life. Bernard, on the other hand, can use his age to his advantage; starting early and progressing forward with time. Since 1999, the employment of musicians has declined a steep 41%, according to the U. S. department of Labor.  Although the facts are true, Bernard is one of the few that can say his career has already begun and is successful—and he is only 19.

Bernard portrays an inspirational and humble light about himself, spreading it to everyone he meets. Being so young and accomplishing so much, the excuses we think of to avoid our dreams should become obsolete.

Fast food our only option

Fast Food Swallowing Campuses: Is this our only option?

At all times, college students across America are regularly subjected to unhealthy options of fast food restaurants swallowing up areas on campuses and directly surrounding them, giving options of convenience rather than offering healthy food options, as none are available in close vicinity.

A 2011 study by Oregon State University researchers showed that college students are not eating enough fruits and vegetables. Most only get one serving a day, while the recommended serving presently is five to thirteen servings a day. Comparing male and female students, Oregon State researchers surveyed the eating habits of 582 students finding that “both were not getting the proper amount of fruits and vegetables. Male students had about five servings a week, slightly higher than female students who self-reported eating about four servings of fruits and vegetables.”

In a 2007 California Law Review, Fast Food: Oppression through poor nutrition, by Andrea Freeman, displays the convenience of fast food restaurants toward he American public.  “Americans currently spend more money on fast food than on movies, books, magazines, newspapers, videos, and music combined.”

Fast Food has become a main source of nutrition— or poor nutrition for some. College students spend $484 – $640 per year on fast food,  according to College students and Fast Food: How Students Perceive Restaurant Brands.  Additionally, the three most important factors that influenced a college student’s favorite fast food spot were price, cleanliness, and friendliness.

Chef Cody alkaline

Chef Cody Shares the Importance of an Alkaline Lifestyle

(Multimedia Story)

Meet Chef Cody, a vegan chef residing in Orlando, FL, who enjoys that creating delicious plates of food suitable for any vegan or vegetarian to eat, ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

Chef Cody is passionate about clean eating and alkaline foods. Therefore, he feels the need to spread his passions to the surrounding world. Cody has held classes on the importance of detoxing your way to a healthier you. His Detox 101 class focused on the importance of detoxing your body by eating only alkaline foods: fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, such as quinoa and amaranth, and non-animal proteins, such and beans and lentils.

Additionally, in Detox 101 Chef Cody talks about the importance of avoiding the Acidic Six: (1) Sugar, (2) Meat, (3) Wheat, (4) Dairy, (5) Alcohol, and (6) Caffeine, and Microwaving, which also causes foods to have an acidic content.

In Detox 102, held last weekend on April 28, focused on additionally detoxing your body by taking different powerful herbs for a Complete Body Cleanse. Also, the Detox 102 class focused on detoxing your house by getting rid of any chemical cleaners and household products that could potentially cause harm to humans.

For more on Chef Cody, visit his YouTube channel for more inside looks into healthy eating. (Detox 102 class archive will be available to watch by the end of this week.)

Chef Cody’s Detox 101 Archive

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